Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Museum Story

In class we have been learning how to craft and recraft our stories. The coloured parts are where I have recrafted.

Vroom! Vroom! We were on the bus to the Museum. On Monday at 10:30 Room 2 and Room 15 went to learn about family treasures. I was surprised because I did not know we were going as I did not get the notice on friday.

When we arrived we went straight inside and met our tour guide, her name was Margie. We learnt about what family treasures are. Did you know that family treasures are a thing that have been passed on through out your family. Margie told us what we were going to do while we were there.

We also went into the Dark scary theater to see some photos of some family treasures like clothes, games and medals. I learnt that family treasures can be anything.

We also had a tricky treasure hunt we had to get a buddy, my buddie was Kaleb. We had to get a board and a sheet and look everywhere in the museum. We had to find some swords, medals, games and clothes.

When we were finished we went outside to the memorials and the lion statue with all the dead people under it from World War l and ll. We had to look for our family name I found my mums family name, it was neat finding my mums family name.After that we got back on the bus to school.

I had an exciting trip to the museum and learnt lots about family treasures.


  1. Hello Travis,
    I liked reading all about your trip to the museum. I enjoyed the images you have included in your post. It really gives the reader an idea of what your trip was like. You are getting lots of skills for being a Brilliant Blogger!
    Your post made me think about my family treasures. One of my family's treasures is a glass jug with hand painted blue cornflowers on it. It is on a shelf at my mother's house. It is a treasure because it is the only object that we have from when we lived in England. It isn't valuable, or expensive but it holds lots of memories for us. We came to Australia in 1966.
    I really enjoyed your blog post and the photo that is your own treasure.
    Ms Mayling
    Your blogging mentor

  2. I like your museum photos Travis. I like how you have written your story. I think it was a good story and had lots of details.